Beyond the Fringe: Anomalies of Consciousness, Experience, and Scientific Research - CypherCon 2, 2017

A Deep Dive into the Deep End

New truths emerge on the edges of our thinking, the Oort Belt of scientific paradigms. As Richard Feynman said, the critical fact that is both a fact and an anomaly can become the cornerstone of a new way thinking about things. But we have to walk a blade as well, staying imaginative but also reasonably sane in what we entertain and explore.

All new ideas sound crazy at first, suggested Robert Galvin of Motorola, and they come from a lone voice. But over time, we all agree that we always thought so from the beginning.

Richard Thieme has spent years on the edges, watching “unthinkable thoughts” move quickly to become the cores of new paradigms. The edge is becoming the center at a faster and faster rate and only collaborative efforts with serious accountability built in can ensure real breakthroughs. This talk provides a framework for doing just that.

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