Interview with Rob Cheyne at Source Austin

A quarter-century ago, I began addressing the impacts of the hacker revolution on the human inside the machine – how it would transform our lives, our thinking, our work, our identities. I was describing the “digital revolution” as a transformational engine, not as an academic exercise, but as genuine paradigm change. I was called “crazy” and “insane” but it all came to be as I described: hackers created the frames in which others lived, inside the bigger picture, without even knowing it. Insanity, like wisdom, is apparently contextual. The pandemic is creating another paradigm change which asks that we apply real hacker methodologies to new realities. Context matters, and the context IS the content of our lives. Hackers have the tools to identify the fragments of a disintegrating society and use them to model new structures. Hackers have internalized procedures, assumptions, and working models to piece together parts of complex systems to create new wholes, to break down to break through. Hackers once again are thought leaders for a brave new world.

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