A Richard Thieme Reader – An Anthology in Five Volumes

Fiction and Non-fiction and In-between
May 20, 2010
An Anthology in Five Volumes

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Volume One

Islands in the Clickstream: A Selection

Table of Contents

Learning to Live in Cyberspace (the first column, 1996)

Ferg’s Law

Dreams Engineers Have

Games Engineers Play

Fractals, Hammers, and Other Tools

Darling … Are You Real?

Sneaking Up on Ourselves

The Air We Breathe



Beanie Babies and the Source of All Things

Whistleblowers and Team-players

The Crazy Lady on the Treadmill

The Enemy is … WHO?

Life in Space

Hacking Chinatown

Mutuality, Feedback and Accountability

The Day the Computer Prayed

An Owl in Winter: Millenium’s End

Night Light

Invitation to a Seance

A Digital Fable

Child’s Play

Beyond the Edge


A Model for Managing Multiple Selves

The Next Bend of the River

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map

Signatures of All Things

When Should You Tell the Kids

In the Crazy Place


Why We Are All Getting a Little Crazy

Between Transitions

Spacetime, Seen as a Digital Image, Already Fading

Autumn Spring

A Miracle by any Other Name

Talking to Ourselves

Coming of Age (the last column, 2004)

A Richard Thieme Reader

Volume Two

Fantastic Stories

Table of Contents

Break, Memory

Zero Day: Roswell

More Than a Dream

Gibby the Sit-down King

Silent Emergent, Doubly Dark

The Riverrun Dummy

The Last Science Fiction Story

The Indian and the Fortune Teller

Scout’s Honor

Species, Lost in Apple-eating Time

Jedediah Dodge Came By

SETI Triumphant

A Richard Thieme Reader

Volume Three

Collected Fiction

Table of Contents

Road Warrior

Incident at Wolf Cove

Northward into the Night

The Geometry of Near



The Man Who Hadn’t Disappeared

Nice Things

My Summer Vacation

Eclipse of the Moon

Flash Fiction

The Necessity for Invention’

It’s Relative

I Mean Asparagus

A Richard Thieme Reader

Volume 4

Collected Essays

Table of Contents

Remembering Who We Are

Habits of Thought

The Changing Context of Intelligence and Ethics

Entering Sacred Digital Space

I Remember Mama

I Was a Victim of the KGB

Persons of Conscience and the Law of Robotics

Stalking the UFO Meme

UFOs – An Informed Opinion

Hacker Generations

Straight Talk on Usability

Cyborg Creep

The End of Television

In Search of the Grail

The Future Shape of Religious Structures

A Richard Thieme Reader

Volume 5

Imaginary Gardens and Life of the Spirit

Table of Contents

Words Words Words


The Digital Castle

Beings of Light

Cakes and Ale

Elephant Reunion

Frog Reality


They Call Him Mister Tubby

Palmetto Bugs

Entering Sacred Digital Space

The Future Shape of Religious Structures

A Digital Fable

Computer Power and the Power of God

Religion and Technology

Early Excursions

The Episcopalians, Religion and Sexuality

Find the Answer Within

In Search of the Grail – Wired 1995

Computer Applications for Spirituality: The Transformation of Religious Experience

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