A Wild Ride Through Wild Lives
May 20, 2013
Can a person be transformed by the power of love – even if they come from another planet?

Jack Teufel arrives in a flash of light in the middle of a bitter Midwest winter. He comes, he insists, from “the Skein,” a intelligent network that cobwebs the universe.

Jack prepares for his role on earth by studying cable TV, the Internet, and other media so he can broadcast interactions with humans to a vast pan-galactic audience for whom “humans are the funniest species in the universe … and the sexiest.”

Populated by a host of memorable characters, FOAM is wildly satirical as well as deeply touching. This unusual book may shock you, will make you laugh, and may challenge your reality – but you will never forget it.

FOAM’s disparate cast members include:

Jack, an alien, downloaded from The Skein to do improv with earthlings;

Heidi, with whom Jack hooks up at the bus station when he arrives in the Midwest, who is completing training as a masseuse and making money on the side with fetish sites;

Her favorite model, Roni, distraught by her lover Jimi’s transition into Jimmy;

Her go-to guru for strength and support, Dr. James John Gillespie, who leads small groups to discover that the “paranormal” is normal;

Bobby Jakus,  who knows Gillespie is right, as he already communes with discarnate spirits through automatic writing;

Bobby takes a job with janitor Juicy Fruit, where he meets Pancho Sanchez a hard core hacker who partners with Don Coyote (a righteous vigilante patrolling the mean streets of cyberspace) in pursuit of corruption in cyberspace and beyond;

Rupert Rapell, coping with a midlife crisis by having an affair with Carrie Fischetti at the bank where they work – and where Rapell does his fair share of corrupting more than cyberspace; his wife, Addie Rapell.

Bunny Isadora, a customer at the Oasis Café, who confronts Jack as a “walk-in Nordic” from another planet.

Dade the barista at the cafe who provides the illusion of stability in a coffee shop likened to purgatory.

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