Mind Games

Alternative Realities and Mind-twisting Trips
June 24, 2014

Mind Games is a collection of nineteen short stories, all previously published, about hackers, encounters with aliens, alternate realities, anomalous events, and other brave new worlds. Two stories have been nominated for Pushcart Prizes. These stories are portals into other worlds and other ways of thinking. A trip worth taking.

You can find two stories from the collection in the Stories section – Incident at Wolf Cove and The Man Who Hadn’t Disappeared.

Beautifully illustrated and published by Duncan Long Publications. Available from the author, signed, at retail price ($20 + $3 mailing) – PayPal to [email protected] or Venmo to rthieme_thiemeworks or by check.

E-book for Kindle.  E-pub edition for the Nook.

Richard Thiemes Mind Games Cover

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