On the Edges

Articles, book reviews, interviews and explorations of edgier subjects such as UFO phenomena, remote viewing, etc. through the years.

An Unusual Event

[I was invited to give a guest lecture for a class at the University of Tubingen. I had never been there before and gladly accepted. I flew through Frankfurt and took a bus from the airport to the city center. I chatted with someone on the bus and we got off together...

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Interview with Joe McMoneagle , Remote Viewer

Interview with Joe McMoneagle RT: The people I speak to seem to accept the extraterrestrial hypothesis as the least unlikely, and when so many people of this caliber take it seriously, I am suggesting that we should too ... how would you define your understanding of...

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Interview with Edgar Mitchell, ScD., Captain USN (Ret)

Interview with Edgar Mitchell, ScD., Captain USN (Ret) by Richard Thieme RT: You’ve been involved with consciousness studies, including the exploration of UFOs, for some time. What’s your primary focus? EM: My focus has never been primarily on UFOs. My focus has been...

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The Shamanic Journey

Every week a project called Storyworth asks a question and saves my answer. After a year they will create a book of the responses. (This was a gift from my daughter). Last week, the question was: What is one of the strangest things that has happened to you? And this...

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Remembering Who We Are

The Second Edition:  Remembering Who We Are Most of us live a large part of our lives skating on the ice of trivial essentials, the necessary tasks that fill our waking days. We pause from time to time and look at the etched images in the ice and think, this is the...

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In Search of the Grail

In Search of the Grail Originally published in Wired For Moses, it was a burning bush. For Buddha, it happened under the bo tree. For me, it was playing a game of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with my son. As we threaded our way past babel fish and Vogon poetry...

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Remembering (Again) Who We Are

Remembering (Again) Who We Are by Richard Thieme (www.thiemeworks.com)   Why do we so often forget the important things and lose ourselves in trivia? Why do we need to be reminded, again and again, what matters most? We're built for the mundane, I guess, but I...

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Hacking Chinatown

Hacking Chinatown By Richard Thieme "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown." Those are the last words of the movie "Chinatown," just before the police lieutenant shouts orders to the crowd to clear the streets so the body of an innocent woman, murdered by the Los Angeles...

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The Spiritual Journey

by Richard Thieme October 6, 2008 A young man experienced an altered state and emailed to ask about its relationship to orthodox modes of spirituality and religious experience. I thought it might be of value to others who are asking the same question to share my...

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Context is Content

by Richard Thieme December 17, 2008 Especially during hard times, it is easy for the little things in the foreground to be the biggest things we see. They loom large and even monstrous, scaring the bejeezus out of even stalwart hearts. Symptoms of anxiety – deep...

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Are There UFOs on Mars?

Are There UFOs on Mars? by Richard Thieme It’s a matter of common sense, really, this UFO business, that and taking the time to understand all kinds of human activity from the psychology of perception to “black budget” and other clandestine operations to the uses of...

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