On the Edges

Articles, book reviews, interviews and explorations of edgier subjects such as UFO phenomena, remote viewing, etc. through the years.

Zen and the Art of Hacking

"Zen and the Art of Hacking" by Richard Thieme published in Internet Underground, April 1997 Don't call them hackers, call them homo sapiens hackii -- human beings who are "back-engineered" by their symbiotic relationship with computer networks to frame reality in...

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The Interior Castle

The Interior Castle The spatial metaphor of architecture has deep implications. A house, for example, is an archetypal symbol for the psyche; when we dream of houses, we are dreaming of our interior "space." Teresa of Avila's The Interior Castle described spiritual...

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Remembering Gary Webb Ten Years Later

Seeing "Kill the Messenger" reminded me that I wrote this ten years ago. Webb and his example meant a lot to me. But it also prompted an endless echo in my mind. If we don't tell the truth, then they win, he said, and after they stripped him of his reason to live -...

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Identity/Destiny. by Richard Thieme “Identity/Destiny” was published in Prophecy Anthology, Volume 1"  a full-color book featuring sequential art by artists such as Shannon Wheeler, Scott McCloud, Sho Murase, Yuko Shimizu, Nathan Fox and Bernie Mireault by Sequent...

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Hot Wired Wheels – Anticipating the Future

Hot Wired Wheels by Richard Thieme Published on Web Ireland, Summer 1997 Your autombile, the Internet and you will soon be a seamless weld of three systems of information and energy. You'll be slotted into an energy field like a card in a laptop. Daimler-Benz is...

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