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Richard Thieme

Hello there.

I am Richard Thieme, an author and professional speaker focused on the deeper implications of technology, religion, and science for twenty-first-century life. I do my best to address some of the challenges posed by new technologies and the future, how to redesign ourselves to meet these challenges, and creativity in response to radical change. I speak to “the human in the machine,” technology-related security and intelligence issues as they come home to our humanity.

I take the word “spirituality” seriously. I think it means “what works–what really works” for an optimal outcome for us flawed human beings. By implication, it refers to “what works” for the planet too. As we grow older, our circle of interest gets larger and larger.

And I am a genuine silverback. We silverbacks find ourselves so tuned to younger people that their triumphs are our triumphs, we rejoice in contributing to others because we are an organic unity, and we feel that, we sense it, we experience it, more deeply than ever. We are contributing less to our own projects and more, if we can, to the projects of others. We know our limits, but we want to make a difference, and as George Bernard Shaw said, we want to be all used up when we die.

Contact me to discuss what you find on this website or in my speeches or writing.

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