Mobius: Out of Time

Mobius: Out of Time, the third volume of the trilogy, is a powerful conclusion to the trilogy and a blockbuster of a novel that can be read as a stand-alone. It weaves together adventures in remote viewing, the deft management of UFO phenomena and research in the intelligence community, and the real impact of a life as an intelligence professional on practitioners of that black art and deadly craft. As Steve Miles, author of Oath Betrayed and The Torture Doctors, said:

“There are few accounts of what their careers do to spies. Mobius is the best example I know of.”

The Mobius Vector: The Long Road Home

“Thieme writes Mobius with all the tragic beauty of a fallen angel,” is just one of the rave reviews for Mobius: A Memoir. The Mobius Vector is a tale of Mobius’ search for redemption, love – and revenge when his colleague is killed. It is a romance with a difference, a story of the impact of a life of spying and prying and lying. “Mobius is both real and surreal,” wrote a former KGB illegal, one of many who saw their lives reflected in the Mobius mirror.

Mobius: A Memoir

A Limited Edition of 100 copies of Mobius: A Memoir by Richard Thieme, printed by The Workshop (Arcadia CA.), has sold out  Signed copies will always be available from the author at [email protected] using PayPal, Venmo (rthieme_thiemeworks), or a check. Kindle and Amazon POD editions are also available.

The Best of Islands in the Clickstream

Insights into the transformational power of new technologies, as current now as they were when written. As a professor said, “You were there at the beginning and you saw it all coming.” The world through “beginner’s eyes.”

Mind Games

Nineteen stories of brave new worlds, alien encounters, alternate realities, and life in the national security state.

The future is already here, the author claims, but to see it you need a vantage point … and Richard Thieme provides the cliff.

Mind Games … a trip worth taking.


FOAM is a stunning picaresque novel from Richard Thieme available signed from [email protected] and at Amazon in a single-volume print edition or in three print volumes as well as three e-book volumes for Kindle and Nook.

UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry

The gold standard in historical research into government responses to UFOs.

Islands in the Clickstream - The Complete Original

The complete original publication is available through Amazon as a used book or for Kindle.

A Richard Thieme Reader

A 5-part selection of fiction and non-fiction for Kindle.

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UFOs: Misinformation, Disinformation, and the Basic Truth

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THANK YOU FOR 25 YEARS OF SPEAKING AT DEF CON A SPECIAL OFFER FROM RICHARD THIEME Buy one copy of Mobius: A Memoir signed from the author and receive a copy of "The Best of Islands in the Clickstream" FREE OR In honor of speaking about "UFOs: Misinformation,...

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