Islands in the Clickstream

A sampling of Islands in the Clickstream columns. The Best of Islands in the Clicktream is available from [email protected] in print and the original complete e-book is available through Amazon.

Ferg’s Law

This is how the Internet works: Somebody in Kentucky finds one of my columns and asks to reprint it in a newsletter. Our email exchange begins a dialogue ‑ in this case, on Buddhism, on‑line spirituality, and how the world works ‑ and in one of her exchanges, my email...

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A Digital Fable

A sacred canopy of shared belief used to soar above our heads like a large umbrella, keeping us warm and dry as the contradictory data of real life beat down. A canopy doesn't have to be sacred -- any canopy will do -- but because our understanding of the cosmos and...

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Why We Are All Getting a Little Crazy

James Jesus Angleton embodied the inevitable trajectory of a person committed to counterintelligence. Maybe he got a little crazy at the end but that might explain why we are all getting a little crazy too. Angleton was director of counterintelligence for the CIA from...

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Coming of Age

The number isn’t important, friends have been saying when I talk about turning sixty. Some say, age is only a state of mind. Some say, you’re as young as you feel. Some say, age doesn’t matter. And some say, why, you look great! which unfortunately confirms that there...

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