Mobius: Out of Time

October 17, 2023

A signed copy of Mobius: Out of Time is available from the author ([email protected] to PayPal, rthieme_thiemeworks to Venmo, or by check) for $20 (a good discount) + $5 mailing. It is available at Amazon for Kindle and in print, and in a bundle of the whole trilogy.

The third volume is a powerful conclusion to the trilogy and a blockbuster of a novel that can be read as a stand-alone. It weaves together adventures in remote viewing, the deft management of UFO phenomena and research in the intelligence community, and the real impact of a life as an intelligence professional on practitioners of that black art and deadly craft. As Steve Miles, author of Oath Betrayed and The Torture Doctors, said:

“There are few accounts of what their careers do to spies. Mobius is the best example I know of.”

When an NSA senior told Richard Thieme “The only way you can tell the truth is through fiction,” he was right. The labyrinthine tapestry of the Mobius Trilogy is a tour de force as Thieme tells “the least untruthful things” he can about the powerful and often traumatic impacts of life on the edges of a dark world.

The Mobius Trilogy is the result of thirty years working with security and intelligence professionals all over the world. In various guises–as a contractor and contributor, a speaker, a confidante for hurting friends, a keen observer of human behavior–Thieme manifests the unique sensibility that enabled him to immerse himself in that work and world and illuminate it with style and grace. As one reader said, “Thieme writes Mobius: A Memoir with all the tragic beauty of a fallen angel.”

“Mobius is both real and surreal,” wrote a former KGB illegal, one of many who saw their lives reflected in the Mobius mirror.

So it is.

Mobius: Out of Time front cover
Mobius: Out of Time back cover

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